Switzerland Trip, September 2013










  • Visa was a nightmare again, as I was travelling to Malaysia two week before the trip so I had only one week to apply for a visa. It’s not so complicate but it made me worry and I felt like I was going to get a brain cancer.
  • The day that they call me to pick up my passport, I was like, I was really wanna jump up and down around the office.
  • I had to use Quatar airline and it was not that great. There was a stop in Vietnam and that I was not informed about that.
  • I supposed to be in Geneva, but I booked my flight ticket to Zurich! Say what??? I also thought that Zurich is very close to Geneva. Yes, 3 hours by fast train close.
  • The funny thing about the Zurich and Geneva is that. I got direction by an organizer, who thought that I landed in Geneva. Then I got out from Zurich airport and try to take a bus to Geneva. Hahaha, then there was a kind woman told me that I should take the train.
  • Then I got the train, after 3 hours without sleep or at least not full sleep I reached Geneva. Still I got lost for a while before I could find my hotel.
  • Transportation in Geneva was very cool, they work with trust and moral! They believe that everyone paid the tickets. Actually, I was not pay for the first bus I took as I was not really sure how I do that.
  • My first meal there was pizza, it was already dark so I went for a pizza next door to my hotel.
  • I went to the meeting for only 1 hour and I walked back to the hotel and then I realize my sponsor would want a few thing more from me. I don’t know what to do, I almost cry because I don’t know what to do. Then my sponsor was very nice she told me calmly of what to do and suggest me to meet a few people.
  • At first I thought that my trip was so easy but then it was not, I plan for a day trip but I rarely had a free time to go there.
  • Strange and drunk guy came to me and want to touch my hand. After a few words, I knew he was so sick then I try to look for excuse and run away.

My first impression of Switzerland was not as good as with Sweden. I don’t know what to tell but I do like visiting Sweden more than Switzerland.

IMG_2239 IMG_2168 IMG_2173 IMG_2182 IMG_2281 IMG_2263 IMG_2256 IMG_2226


ฺBrunei Trip, July 2014

  • First time, first trip to Brunei
  • First time arrived so late, around 12pm or so in Brunei. Luckily, one kind woman I sit next to on the plane agreed to drop me at my hotel. At first, I was so worry that she might be not the good person, I might be tricked and being sold. However, I was  at my hotel safe and sound. I would like to apologize silently to her now for doubting her.
  • The hotel was not a normal standard that I have been accommodated in other countries.
  • The night I arrived at the hotel, I got electricity in the room damaged because the different voltage of electricity. The entire room got black out and the hotel staff have to move me to another room 😛
  • Attended a meeting that they didn’t provide lunch for the first time. The organizer even did not mention about that to us and we were starving to death.
  • I had a chance to meet and discuss with Mr. John Kerry, the US State Secretary. #reallyexcited and he even called my name, though he will not remember after that but still, it was excited at that time.
  • There one time that the fellow participant from Timor Leste would like to change money from USD to Brunei dollar, however, we could not find the place for the exchange at all. There were a lot of places that we could find but they were not accepting USD. We were running around like crazy.

It was a great chance, all in all, to visit different place, learn new culture and see thing differently. The country seems rich, everyone seems rich and there are a lot of Filipinos came to work there as well.

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Sweden Trip, May 2013

Interesting point of the trip:

  • The visa process is some pain on the a** and I just got Schengen visa on the day that I departed to Sweden
  • It was my first ever trip to Europe. Yayyyyyy!!!
  • It was the longest trip I took since I was born
  • The chocolate was very delicious, #swissair
  • My plan was transited in Zurich, Switzerland
  • I saw the sun at 10pm, seriously??? (I was so happy and excited)
  • Experience the cold whether the first time
  • Food was not that great but I did love it there
  • The room of my hotel was very lovely and it very artist
  • Meet a few old friends and make other more new friends
  • Internet Stockholm Forum, it was really great event. The gov’t officers in Sweden are very open and I haven’t seen that with my own gov’t officers

All in all, I loved Sweden and I want to visit there again sometimes!


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Thailand Trip, May 2013

Date: 11 – 14 May 2014

  • Place visited: Bangkok and Pattaya (Art in Paradise)
  • Most wanted thing: Watch the comedian movie, P Mark and books of course.
  • Most wanted place to go to: Art in Paradise (3D Museum)
  • Normal thing to buy: Tons of books
  • Most wanted food to eat: Yen Ta Fo (เย็นตาโฟ)

Interesting about the trip:

  • Arrived BKK, but haven’t found a place to sleep, but rush to a cinema to watch P Mark, but it was already finished, but did not come back to find place to sleep, but watch another movie
  • Our belongings were left somewhere that we didn’t even remember the name
  • We left the cinema so dang late and the Taxi could not find the place that we left our belongings, so he dropped us where the Tuk Tuk was. The Tuk Tuk driver was drinking beers with his friend. We had no choices but to go with Tuk Tuk, who were kind enough to brought us from place to place and finally we found one suitable place to stay.
  • The place we stayed was so close to the van station, and in the morning we walked to van station and then took a van to Pattaya. We didn’t know where to stop, we almost went to Koh Lan.
  • A Thai friend called and then we were brought to Art in Paradise. Yet, there were a lot of people there so we didn’t have a chance to have a lot of (good) photos.
  • We bought a lot of books.
  • We went to China town on their days off and could not find the way back by using normal bus so we took Taxi. It was my first time took a bus in Thailand, normally I only took Taxi, Skytrain or MRT.
  • Took a boat ride along Chao Praya river and it was a bit hurry, otherwise we will be able to go to the Palace.

It was really fun trip and I’m looking forward to do this kind of trip once again. Thank to #Frankie that helped make this trip possible and so much fun.

PS. I want to wrote this in a long time but I haven’t had a time to do it, so!

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Malaysia again, August 2013

Well, I think I should restart the blogging habit or at least write something that interest me or bother me during my trip outside the country. If I have time I will write the other recent trip to Sweden and Brunei as well but let’s start with Malaysia first.

Well, it was the first time my brother brought me to the airport. Normally, I took Tuk Tuk from my home to the airport but today my brother finally took me. I am not sure if it’s his willingness or it was because he could not say no. We planned we would have eaten Burger King as a breakfast but we end up eat hot dog as burger king is a bit far from the departure terminal and I afraid I don’t have enough time to check-in.

I met my old friend from the six grade, he remembered my name while I only remembered his face. He is living in New Zealand now, most of my old friends end up living abroad which is great for them.

On the plan, it a bit awkward that you directed by the air hostess to sit near the window while my seat supposed to be out at the aisle then there a couple coming and told me that I sit at the wrong place. The air hostess say sorry to me. The awkwardness still continued as they kissed. That’s why I don’t really want to be near the couple because I feel uncomfortable when they are sweet at each other, it’s not jealousy but I just don’t know what expression should I wear on my face. I listened to my iPod all the time and focusing on the book instead of listen to their kissing sound. Hmmmm,

When landing, I just realize that in Malaysia we don’t need to fill out the immigration form anymore. I was here once in 2011 I think and back then there was a long queue but now it’s quicker at the immigration check point than before. I need to find a taxi, this was where I feel a bit lost. I think I caught the wrong taxi, a bit expensive than what I was told. However, the taxi ride was good. The taxi driver tried to talk to me a lot, maybe he was so sleepy. He even told a joke to me and gave me his number in case I need a taxi back to the airport when I go back.

Arrived that the hotel, I was impressed by the room. It looks simple but at the same time is really modern. It’s not big and it has no bathtub but I liked it. I like the design so much. It is similar to the one in Sweden.

When it’s time to find food, I tried to walk around my hotel place and I didn’t realize that my hotel is inside the shopping mall. I walked around and then when I decide to turn and walk in to the mall, I end up walked in the college, Oh my! What have I done? And then I saw a few places that sell foods, I chose one place that I thought it would give me the noodle soup, but when I ordered it and when it already cooked it was really different from what I expected. I didn’t eat it all and when I walk back to the hotel, I bought something from SevenEleven instead just in case I would hungry at night and which I did.

Oh, one thing that I would like to share is that there was a man come to talk to me about the some real estate thing. He first talked to me in Malay, I think and when I replied in English he still not realized that I am not his target group. He asked if I know any places for sell or anything I said I am a tourist and then he offered his hand said ‘Welcome to Malaysia’. Well, I took his hand and nod. He asked further that ‘What do you like about Malaysia?’ I really don’t like to talk more as my food arrived and I was so hungry but replied that I love the greenness in the city and then he tell me to enjoy it here and walk away.

I felt ‘weird’.

That’s my first day in KL, tomorrow I will start the conference and the schedule is very tight I don’t think I could go out anywhere. But will see, maybe I could sneak out in the evening.

Green at the airport

Green at the airport

a house I loved

a house I loved

View around the hotel

View around the hotel

view from the 10 floor lobby

view from the 10 floor lobby

Way in to the room

Way in to the room

Highlight of the day, sunset view from my room

Highlight of the day, sunset view from my room



Mr. Mam Sonando

I remember the day that Mr. Mam Sonando come back from his abroad trip, it’s 12 July 2012. I was only know that he would arrive the airport around 10pm but I have no plan to go and greeted him. However, my boss told me it was a very big case and you should keep an eye on him. I told my colleagues to pick me up at my home as they were just arrive back from the mission in the province.  Later, I got sms from my boss said you didn’t have to go but I said it’s okay I already planned for it so I still went to see his arrival. When I arrived at the airport there were hundreds of his supporters from Democratic Association came to greet him, when he really arrived I did not even able to come close to him at all. So at that time nothing happened.

Why I have to keep an eye on him this bad? Because there a rumor that when he arrived in Cambodia he would be arrested. Then there an official from the government said that there was no such thing, we were still not relax at that time but we just did not expect it to be that quick.

I remember the morning of 15 July 2012 which a Sunday morning was and that I normally wake up very late. I got a call from my colleague, international one, told me that Mam Sonando got arrested! I talked to myself “WHAT!” or maybe even “SHIT!”. But I had no time to be still in shock, I had to be hurry run into the bathroom and get ready to go out. I went straight to Beehive station which the incident took place and of course there was nothing left for me to look at. I saw my colleague there, then we come back to the office, we heard that they brought him to Ministry of Interior and Beoung Kak women were protesting there. We went there, but it’s quiet. I went back to the office, and then went to monitor again but still no shadow of him or anyone. Yet, CCHR managed to release a statement on that day.

I remember the morning of 10 September 2012, the first instance hearing of Mr. Mam Sonando’s case. When hearing his case the whole road was blocked, City Mall has to close it business and we doubted who would responsible for the lost and a lot of his supporters were outside showing protesting that he was innocent. The trial was going on for three days!

I remember the morning of 1 October 2012, the day that Mam Sonando’s first instance hearing would be announced to the public. As usual, the entire road was blocked; City Mall closed the business as before. When the judge ask everyone to stand up and she delivered the verdict, I tremblingly note the result down and my heart drop to my feet as the word “20 years in prison” was announce to an old brave and innocent man like Mr. Mam Sonando.

After that I also remember how my workplace, CCHR’s effort to help contribute to his case. We provided the legal support, some financial support and the spiritual support such as we produce the Justice Calendar to count the day of his imprisonment and 10,000 postcards printed to be distribute letting the public to write a message to encourage and support him.

I remember the day, 16 January 2013; that we post the photo of the calendar on CCHR’s Facebook page. I saw hundreds of likes and a number of comments and from that day on I always check CCHR’s Facebook page to see how many people like or comment on the photo each day. I also felt great reading most of the message that sent to him through the postcards, I really felt that there are a lot of people love him and I start to love him too.

Finally, I will remember today, 14 March 2013; the day that his appeal verdict was announced and I heard that he will be released tomorrow. I really could not stop smiling and I feel like I want to jump as high as I could to show people how happy I am, but the dress that I’m wearing today did not allow me to do so.

This piece of article might not show you anything but I am just too happy that I could not keep this happiness alone and I would like to share. I hope he will still be this courageous and brave. I really appreciate what you did for Cambodian people, I know you know that hundreds of people love you and I included.

Doing what, on V’day

Yesterday, 14 Feb 2013 a day we know of as Valentine’s day. I did not have to described about the history of today right? I know you all know about that.

me and my hand

For those that are in relationship, they might have a great time together, sharing gifts of love or enjoy romantic meal or going for a walk after work together. Then how about the one who is not in relationship or the partner is far away, what did they do? That’s me and my friend 🙂 (She is already married but her hubby has to work at the other place away from her) so we spent the V’day together.

We have been involved, though not that active with the team who organized an event called One Billion Rising Cambodia, which is an event that create in order to advocate for the ending of violence against women and child. I been interested in the event because I thought this is the good cause and the campaign idea is very interesting. Before the real event on 14 Feb 2013, the organizing team had conduct a few training on how to dance “Break the chain” song. The meaning of this song is to tell to the world that all women are not anyone possession and that they don’t deserved any bad treatment on them.

too big hand
me and my friend

me and my bff








There a thought on my mind, I am thinking like this  “Women are beautiful, smart, adorable and really powerful,  women are the mother of the world; however most women  still get treated badly”. Therefore, this kind of even is a good  cause to support. Women are also human, please remember  that!

We also danced “Break the chain” together as well, even we  did not dance that good 🙂 I was happy that I could make my  friend happy and happy that I am part of the cool and good  campaign like this.